In focusing our culture on the local community, we have identified three areas that we intend to focus intently on so that we can thrive here, and so that we can, in turn, help the community to thrive as well.

  1. Friends
  2. Neighbors
  3. Sustainability


The people in our community are the life-force that keeps it going... the heartbeat... and they are our friends.  We make an effort to engage with the individuals of our community wherever possible, and to be a source of positive vitality for those we engage with.  It is our goal to make every interaction positive, not only with our customers, but also with the neighbors walking by our salon with their dogs, or the mailman, or the delivery guy who brings us lunch.  Every engagement matters to us, because the people of this community matter to us.  We are very happy to have you as our friends.


If our friends in this community are like its heartbeat, then the neighboring businesses would be the organs.  We brush shoulders with these businesses, our neighbors, on a daily basis... and we appreciate just how great our neighbors are.  We have gone out into the community on numerous occasions, working to cross-promote with the local restaurants, health clubs, dance studios, tanning salons, clothing stores, bars, and numerous other businesses with whom we share these streets.  A lot of our customers have come from referrals by our neighbors, and we greatly appreciate their support.  It is for this reason that we make it our position to help support our neighbors.  We hope to make this community our home for a long time, and we want our neighbors to be here with us for every minute of it.


This word, "sustainability" is one that has acquired an interesting reputation over the past few years, and it has undoubtedly been misunderstood more often than is healthy... so let us set the record straight.  Even though we are a Green Circle Certified Salon, and although we try to use products that share in these ideals of upholding the value of nature and the environment, our definition of sustainability is a bit different.  Here at bellaRuth, we strive to operate in a way such that our community can "sustain" us for as long as possible, and in turn we hope to continually "sustain" the needs of our local community.  We believe in "sustainable practice", and everything from our emphasis on quality to the prices we charge for our services has been well thought out so that we can thrive within the community.  We will absolutely do what we can to operate in as environmentally friendly a way as is possible, but we will also do everything in our power to support the health and vitality of our community through a devotion to excellence.

Our community is our home... made up of our friends and neighbors... and supported by sustainable practices that strengthen our relationships.  We are happy to be here, and we thank you for having us!